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Have you noticed cracks in your foundation, flooring, walls, or steps?

Cracking damage may be the result of sinkhole activity beneath your home or business property. If the damage is the result of a sinkhole, you may be able to file for compensation from your insurance company for the sinkhole damage.

Sinkhole Damage Tampa

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Your hard work and money is invested in your Tampa home, commercial building or investment real estate property. Our sinkhole lawyers will work hard to protect YOUR investment – as well as your safety and the safety of your guests.

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We can help you at ALL stages of your Sinkhole Claim – either before you report the claim, while the claim is pending, if your claim was denied or if your claim not handled properly. Our goal is to maximize the valuation of your claim with your insurance company as quickly as possible.

We offer a FREE SAME DAY CONSULTATION and we always accept Tampa Sinkhole cases on Contingency Fee Basis. Putting it in another way, if we do not obtain a recovery on your behalf, you will owe us NOTHING in legal fees nor do you have to reimburse us for your costs / expenses of our legal representation. Furthermore, if your insurance company did not follow strict guidelines in evaluating and paying your claim, they may be subject to a potential “Bad Faith” lawsuit, which may provide you with additional compensation beyond that listed in your insurance policy. In summary, you have nothing to lose and all to gain if you retain us to assist you in your sinkhole claim.

Sinkholes are very prevalent and are a natural result of the geology in Tampa Florida. Basically, sinkholes occur when rain or circulating groundwater gradually dissolve the limestone underground, thereby causing cavities or large gaps in the limestone. Over time, the layers of sand and soil that sit on top of the limestone fall into these spaces, thereby causing a sinkhole. Sinkholes can be small or quite large and they may reveal themselves at any time.

Florida Sinkhole Map

The explosive development in Florida has severely taxed our natural resources (i.e. use of groundwater, construction of storm ponds or diversion of surface water) as well as greatly expanded the number of homes, buildings and roads, all of which may be susceptible to a sinkhole. It is for these numerous reasons that sinkholes have become more readily apparent in the past few years.

Tampa Sinkhole Warning Signs

  • Cracking of the Exterior Walls (possible Stair-Step Pattern).
  • Cracking in Exterior Porches, Decks, Sidewalks or Driveways.
  • Cracking Around In-Ground Pools and/or Pool Decks.
  • Separation of the Foundation from the Soil.
  • Cracking of the Interior Walls, Ceilings and Floors.
  • Cracking Around the Frames of Doors, Windows or in Corners.
  • Separation of the Walls from the Floor or Ceiling.
  • Tilting, Unleveling or Sinking of the Floor.
  • Doors or Windows Sticking or Jamming or not otherwise working correctly.
  • Unexplained or Unusual Water Stains on the Floor or Walls or the Ceiling.
  • Unusual or Rapidly Developing Depressions on the Ground in or around your Property – which repeatedly re-form despite filling them.
  • Slanting of Trees or Landscaping or Fence Posts or a Noticeable Change to Anything Affixed to the Ground.
  • Excessive “Standing” Water in Your Yard / Lawn or Exposure of Tree Roots or Dying Vegetation.
  • Unexplained Loud Sounds (As Your House is Slowly Pulling Apart).
  • Known Sinkhole Activity in Your Neighborhood.

Types of Tampa Sinkhole Claims

Tampa Florida Sinkhole Claims

New Tampa Sinkhole Claim

Prior to contacting your insurance company (i.e. New Claim) - This is generally best for you, since we are able to offer you the most benefit by overseeing the entire claim process on your behalf (assisting to minimize any delays and maximize the valuation of your claim). In addition, we will retain our own expert to be present during the actual engineering borings to confirm that they are being conducted properly as well as insure that we have our own ‘raw data’ in the event the findings are not as you would have expected. By being involved early, we can help prevent the insurance company representative from taking a negative position with regard to your claim – which will help expedite the ultimate processing of your claim as well as help maximize the valuation of your claim.

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Pending Tampa Sinkhole Claim

During a pending claim with your insurance company (i.e. Pending Claim) – Even though you have already reported your claim to your insurance company, we can evaluate the situation and take it over from virtually any point in the claim process (before the actual engineering testing has taken place; after the engineering testing has taken place but before you receive the final results from the engineering firm, after you receive the final results the engineering firm or either before or after you have received an offer to settle from your insurance company). Again – the sooner the better (for the reasons outlined in the preceding paragraph). No matter what – you have virtually nothing to lose by retaining us to help maximize the valuation of your pending claim with your insurance company.

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Denied Tampa Sinkhole Claim

After your Tampa sinkhole insurance claim has been denied by your insurance company (i.e. Denied Claim) – If your insurance company has denied your claim and you still believe that the physical damages to your home, commercial building or investment real estate property may be the result of sinkhole activity, we will have your engineering results reviewed by our own engineering expert at our expense. Many times our engineering expert will point out flaws and/or deficiencies in the engineering reports that were provided to you by your insurance company and we can convince your insurance company to change their mind and treat your claim as a ‘confirmed’ sinkhole claim. Other times we have no choice but to file a lawsuit against your insurance company if they are not willing to change their mind amicably (based upon the written documentation that we provide to them). Of course, if our engineering expert agrees with the findings contained in your engineering report, we will review your insurance policy to ascertain if your damages could be covered by some other portion of the policy (i.e. perhaps collapse loss, for example). Again – in this scenario – you have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain by retaining us to assist you in your denied claim.

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Reopen Previous Tampa Sinkhole Claim

After your claim has already been paid – we can reopen a previous claim (i.e. Reopen Previous Claim) – Even though you had already accepted a previous settlement from your insurance company, we may be able to reopen your claim if you were not compensated fairly and reasonably for the damages you had sustained or you are presenting experiencing worsening of previous damages or new damages (which is indicative that payment and/or repair process that was recommended was not adequate or proper). Generally speaking, you have five (5) years from the date of loss (most often this is the date you reported the claim to your insurance company). Furthermore, if your insurance company did not follow strict guidelines in evaluating and paying your claim in a prompt manner, they may be subject to a potential “Bad Faith” lawsuit, which may provide you with additional compensation beyond that listed in your insurance policy.

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Tampa Sinkhole Claim

Depending upon the date of your lose, in most counties your Tampa homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance carrier must provide coverage for damage to your home, commercial business or real estate investment property caused by sinkhole. Due to the severe weather that Tampa Florida has experienced over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in sinkhole related activity. Most sinkholes are not of the dramatic, television news variety, but rather develop slowly over a longer period of time.

If you have a good faith belief that you have a sinkhole at your Tampa property, your insurance company has a statutory and fiduciary duty to promptly and properly investigate this sinkhole loss. They first make an initial inspection at your property and if the adjuster believes that the damages noted could possibly be caused by a sinkhole, then they must conduct additional engineering testing by a qualified and licensed geo-technical engineer.

There are many potential hazards in dealing with your insurance company, several of which include delaying the evaluation of your claim, denying you the fair market value you deserve in a settlement or even denying coverage for your claim. Your insurance company oftentimes only retains experts whom they believe will not find sinkhole activity and instead find that your damages were caused by something other than a subterranean sinkhole (therefore denying your claim). In other cases the investigations conducted by an engineering firm retained by your insurance company may be inadequate or incomplete and therefore resulting in flawed results. Finally, many insurance companies recommend sub-standard repair methods to minimize the settlement or repair costs of your sinkhole loss. Your insurance policy alone is not enough to guarantee you coverage or a fair representation from your insurance carrier.

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Did you know?  Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the nation!

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